Who doesn’t love a fabulous dessert?

We certainly do, as do our customers! That is why we are delighted to announce we have forged a new partnership with Gill’s Puddings, a local premium hand-crafted dessert producer.

Gill’s Puddings, named after its founder Gill began trading in 1996 and quickly established itself as a producer of superb hand-crafted desserts. Since humble beginnings the business has flourished, and today Gill’s Puddings feature on the menus of a wide range of hotel and restaurant businesses throughout the U.K.

Their never compromise on quality approach has paid dividends, as Gill’s Puddings has gained a reputation for fabulous desserts that sit well on menus due to the fact they are delicious and hand crafted, poles apart from many of the other catering desserts available.

Whilst we accept and understand many chef’s like nothing more than create their own desserts in house, in our experience Gill’s Puddings are a great alternative as they don’t look mass-produced and look great. Combine this with fact Gill’s are sticklers for using premium ingredients (some of which Freshview Foods supply!), we are confident, you and your customers are going to get as excited as we are about having Gill’s on your menus.

For more details of the range of 11 desserts we are stocking please contact your account manager or our customer service team.