As Veganuary is well and truly underway we thought it made sense to mention VEGANS! In our experience when the ‘V’’ word is mentioned to chefs it more often than not tends to produce strong reactions. Whether your own feelings are positive or negative, there is now more than half a million people now identifying as vegan in the UK, it’s a growing consumer group that has become almost runaway train like. Veganism can no longer be considered a fad and if you choose to ignore it do so at peril of your business and its reputation. Here are some startling facts for every chef, catering manager and hospitality business owner to consider as we go into 2020.

26% of the British public are now being influenced by the increasing awareness of Veganism, changing their food shopping and dining habits.

There has been a 469% increase in people interested in veganism in the UK in the last five years.

There are now over 600,000 vegans in the UK and this Veganuary will see a huge increase in this number.

Since the Veganuary campaign started in 2014, more than 500,000 people have registered to commit to go vegan for the month, although data suggests that ten times more people participate and try some vegan food in January each year. 

Every single one of the major food retailers in the UK sees the Vegan market as their biggest category for growth opportunity in 2020.

It’s not just vegans that are now eating plant-based meals, meat eaters are curious and trying alternatives too. Our very own account management team, (none of which are vegan) often eat out and the first things they are looking for on menus are vegan options to try. There is some exceptional, tasty and interesting vegan food popping up on menus these days that appeals to everyone, not just those committed to a plant-based diet.

Our very own development chef Simon has been working on an extensive range of vegan dishes for over 12 months now and has shared a huge amount of tried and tested dishes with chefs that have visited our development kitchen during 2019. Aside from the obvious huge selection of fresh fruit and vegetables we can supply, Freshview also stock a wide range of vegan specific ingredients and our list is constantly expanding.

If you would like some input and guidance on adding some outstanding plant based dishes to your menus from our chef so you can embrace the growing number of vegan customers contact your account manager to arrange an appointment. We are here to assist, here to serve.

Cook well Chefs!