Today the world is a very different place to what we know and are accustomed to….

Today the world is a very different place to what we know and are accustomed to and it means change for us all, taking radical steps, every day responding to change, all of us taking a leap into the unknown.

As a traditional supplier to caterers and the hospitality industry over the past 10 days we have witnessed almost 90% of our traditional custom vanish as this virus has taken over all our daily lives. Forward thinking has resulted in us adapting what we do and how we do it. Households need feeding. Many of the public are hugely concerned about sourcing food and that’s one thing we are not short of. Venturing out to shops and supermarkets is a gamble, do they have the provisions and is it worth the necessary risk? Home delivery schedules for most retailers are full for best part of a month, some not taking any further bookings.

During the first 4 days of this week we have made over 1000 local home deliveries to the those in need in these uncertain times, the large proposition being the vulnerable and homes with children in isolation. It’s not being seen by us as a revenue stream with a profit centre, we are doing it because it’s the fit and proper thing to do. Our staff fully recognise that there are potential risks in coming into contact with each other and so many of the public and we are taking as many precautions as possible to protect them and those we deliver to. We might be considered as a business by most, but for us playing an active part in contributing to the community is our huge part of our DNA. We are planning ahead as best we can and at time of writing we are confident we will get through this and sincerely hope all those that read this will do too.