Supporting The Chernobyl Children Trust

For the last 15 years we have supported a charity called Chernobyl Children Trust. The charity brings children from Russia, mainly around the area in Chernobyl that was affected by the world’s worst nuclear disaster in  April 1986.


The Chernobyl accident killed more than 30 people immediately, and as a result of the high radiation levels in the surrounding area, 350,400 people had to be permanently evacuated.  Over eight million people continue to live in Chernobyl-contaminated areas of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, many of them are children. The area remains the most radioactive place in the world.


The most comprehensive study ever made, on the impacts of the Chernobyl disaster concludes that based on available records, some 985,000 people died, mainly of cancer, as a result of the Chernobyl tragedy.


Every summer, the charity fly children from disadvantaged areas of Belarus to Ireland and the UK for much needed holidays. We will be delivering fruit and vegetables to this project over the next couple of weeks. Based in Light Oaks near the Greenway Hall golf club, this year 16 teenagers, in remission from cancer, along with an interpreter and a doctor will be staying on a farm and with host families making the most of the sunshine and great food!