This time last year the UK was basking in the sun just about every day as we enjoyed a prolonged heat wave. Fast forward 12 months and much of the UK has been on the receiving end of months of rainfall in a matter of days. Nature works in mysterious ways, last year the heat caused farmers all manner of problems and this year they face different challenges due to the rainfall.

We speak with most of our growers daily and in lower lying areas many are reporting flooded fields which is making crop harvesting almost an impossible task. Add this to the exceptionally cool temperatures during June some crops have struggled to grow and mature. Hardest hit has been cauliflowers, they don’t like damp, wet, cold conditions and it stunts the growth of the heads. Farmers are also struggling with new season cabbage, parsnips, leeks and broccoli.

Whilst the wider population of the UK is hoping to see a break in the current gloomy weather no one wants it more than much of our farming community. Lets hope mother nature got the memo that summer has now officially arrived!