Potato News

As summer approaches potato growers are keeping everything crossed that the UK does not have a repeat of the extended heatwave the larger population enjoyed last year. Whilst most of us basked in record temperatures and relished during the prolonged hot spell, 1000’s of acres of potato crops withered and died in the ground before coming fully mature.

It’s well documented that this left a huge hole in the yield of Britain’s favourite vegetable, and this resulted in a surge in prices which began last November due to the restricted volumes available and the impact the heat had on the quality of much of the crop that did survive. Prices have continued to escalate as what quantities are left in storage dwindle and further price increases have to be expected as we move further into the summer prior to the arrival of the next crop.

The photo you see was sent to us by one of our growing partners, the new season crop is flourishing at present which is excellent news for every potato lover. The recent weather has been perfect for the humble potato, a good mixture of dry spells, brief hot days with a blend of rain, a more typical British summer you might say! Should the weather remain the same as we go through the summer months the yield for the nation’s growers should be excellent and potatoes will bounce back. New season crops are traditionally mature enough to begin pulling late August, with September being the first full month of harvest.

The under lying message to all our customers is for the duration of June, July and August the UK is facing somewhat of a potato crisis, prices will continue to rise, quality and availability will challenge us all.