Glorious weather….for spuds!

It’s not been much of a summer has it folks? It’s well documented that the huge quantities of rainfall have caused many a UK farmer heartache and frustration, especially the growers of brassicas. The last few months have yet again proved that the world of fresh produce is always a story of great and dismal for growers as mother nature always throws up its challenges.

Despite all the doom and gloom, there has been one huge positive. Potatoes! The UK’s favourite vegetable loves a good soaking combined with a handful of brief dry spells, which mirrors the weather we have been experiencing all summer. Growing conditions have been perfect for the humble spud, so much so the new season main crop which traditionally arrives in volume September started to appear in July. We are now exclusively working new season potatoes and the quality is superb!

All this is the polar opposite of the same period last year if you remember, the fantastic for some prolonged heatwave was devastating for potato farmers. Just goes to show, even with all the technology and science committed to producing the best crops with the highest yields nothing can contain the impact of the elements.