Freshview Foods support local community events

In 2022, we have been involved in 3 functions to support local causes. Two of the events were supporting our charity partner, The Hubb Foundation and the third event was in partnership with Port Vale Fanzone, where we helped to raise awareness about Mental Health Wellbeing.

During the event at a lively church in Stoke-on-Trent, Breathe New Life formerly known as Breathe City Church, over 70 children enjoyed blending their own smoothies using the smoothie bike we provided, we have provided both an adult and children’s bike and a selection of fruit for them to try.  Each child used a smoothie bike to power the blender.

The events help to support the holiday provision for local families. Our goal is to try to get children interested in healthy eating and exercise.

So far, the following team members have helped Freshview support these events: Sally Keye, Claire Kaminski, Mark Ibbs, Andy Brammer, Elliot Roper, Paul Harland, Sharon Knapper, Sam Lessiter, Tyler Cornwall & Kelsie Gallimore.

The feedback we’ve had has been great.

“We had a really good time. It was super busy from start to finish and the families loved it. The children were really open to trying the new fruits and all the team were great at getting the kids engaged.”

“I just wanted to let you know the feedback from today’s session was amazing. The families loved making the smoothies and even tried fruit they had never heard of.”