Despite the constant bombardment of unwelcome news there are some positives amongst the gloom….

Freshview Foods are immensely proud of our renowned and enviable reputation as supplier to a multitude of customers in hospitality. For us, it has always been a continued pursuit of trying to exceed the expectations of those who chose Freshview Foods as their supplier.

Whilst we work determinedly with a focus on our customers, we do have a bigger and a more important mission.

Our people.

Investing all manner of resources into our amazing team is core to how our business is wired. We have total belief that we have the reputation we have due to their efforts and commitment and our long-term destiny will be determined by how well we look after them.

Working on improving workplace culture is not a new innovation, what we at Freshview have done is tip many of our own processes on their head and progressively bring in change, we are pushing ourselves to make our environment or “vibe” so powerful that our team have a true feeling of belonging. 2020 has presented us with many of the challenges most other businesses have had to endure. We have battled through with a positive attitude, a high degree of optimism and with more dialogue with our people than ever before.

We have increased our transparency, and this along with the increased communication from the top down has given our people more of an understanding of the business so that every team member feels they know where they stand, where the company is headed, and in general helping them to feel in the loop. We have also ensured that our leaders are more visible and accessible, whilst always a tactile business, Freshview has cranked up the leadership interaction with our people. We recognise now more than ever that people support leaders who are transparent, accessible, honest, authentic and who invest in them. We have endeavoured to ensure our message creates a sense that “we’re all in this together”.

During this period of uncertainty as a further commitment to our people we took the decision to pay all our furloughed staff full pay during November and December, Freshview topping up the schemes 80% contribution. Put simply, whilst we are in the position to be able to do it, we believe we should and have done the right thing for our people especially given it is the festive season.

2021 will bring more change, a continued focus and continued commitment to care for our people.

Freshview Foods is a successful independent business. 2020 and the COVID-19 downturn aside, we have shown progressive growth year in year since inception. Our customers are fiercely loyal, our suppliers, growers and producers enjoy a fabulous relationship with us. This is not a coincidence, it is all down to our people.