Change is inevitable……

Little did we know that when we were forced to rethink what we do and how we do it did we believe for one moment we would come to the end of the first week in April having made such a series of landslide changes to our business, all of which have been forced upon us by this global pandemic.

Transforming from one of the nations most respected and last standing independent produce suppliers to caterers into something new (and temporary) has not come without its challenges! But change can be good, if embraced and embraced it we have. With a robust supply chain still functioning, a fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles and a team of people who are outstanding ambassadors we now find ourselves trading as retailers and wholesalers.

During the first week of April Freshview Foods made 2164 deliveries to local homes, homes to families of people that for the sake of their health and safety don’t want to venture out, homes to families that are unable to venture out because they are vulnerable.

The feedback we have received has been nothing short of incredible, hundreds of messages of support and thanks have convinced us (not that we needed convincing!) we are doing the right thing for the local people and our people.

As we have now gotten fully up to speed with what’s expected and required of a retailer we have decided to extend our delivery radius that now encompasses 1000’s more homes, some housing people that could benefit from a delivery of quality, fresh produce with the bonus of it being delivered free of charge.

Our home delivery range now includes the following postcodes:
ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, ST5, ST6, ST7, ST8, ST9, ST11, ST12, ST13, ST15, ST21 and CW1, CW2, CW3, CW4, CW5, CW7, CW10, CW11 & CW12.

We have learned so much about our business during the past 4 weeks, but more importantly we have learned more about our Freshview community and the wider community. Change is inevitable and the disruption it causes often brings both inconvenience and opportunity, but here at Freshview we like to think we have embraced both.

For details of what we can offer can be found here.