10th successive year as an AA rated supplier

The BRC Food Safety Standard is all about the measurement, review and assessment of the factors that influence food safety. It is one of the standards recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), so it has global recognition. As a comprehensive gauge of measurement of a supplier’s credentials and detailed standards, the BRC Food Safety standard is the highest accolade and the most challenging for a supplier to achieve. Quite simply, it is the measure customers can rely on to indicate if their chosen suppliers are operating at the highest levels of measurable food safety, which also includes storage and distribution.

Last week, Freshview Foods had our annual audit.

We are delighted to announce we passed again, and we can now proudly go on record to state it’s our 10th successive year as an AA rated supplier.

To ensure we are not only compliant but will pass the rigorous audit trails, we invest a huge amount of resource into our BRC procedures. Every single piece of fruit, every vegetable, every prepared vegetable, every single dry good item, every box of frozen goods and every item of bakery that comes into our premises and is delivered to our customers falls under the BRC processes we employ. Every minute of every hour we are measuring ourselves, it really is an immense task.

The beneficiaries of all this are our customers and of course Freshview. Our customers because they have the assurance that we are doing everything possible to provide them with a level of service that excels and deliver quality products every day. One of our KPI’s for example demonstrates we process, pick and deliver over 99% of every item our combined customer base order every day.

Freshview benefit because we have robust processes, our amazing people have a clear structure to work with, their training and coaching is all relevant to their roles, and it improves the culture in our business.

None of this could happen without an incredible team of people, and we have that at Freshview. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and efforts.

If you are not currently a Freshview customer perhaps you may wish to ask your existing suppliers what accreditations do they hold? If they are not BRC AA accredited perhaps it is time to talk to us?